The Team

Darin Johnson

Darin Johnson, Operations Manager

Prior to joining Paystubz, Darin was employed with a jewelry manufacturing company as their Accounts Payable Supervisor.  He was responsible for Accounts Payable, payroll, internal cost accounting, and preparation of the company’s financial statements.  Darin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Black Hills State University.  When not working, Darin enjoys golfing, fishing, skiing, and playing with his two children. 

Ross Odegard

Ross Odegard, Compliance Manager

Born and raised in the Black Hills area, Ross graduated from Douglas High School in 2000 and Black Hills State University in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Prior to joining the Paystubz team in August 2009, he spent 5 years as a service technician in the office equipment industry.  Since working at Paystubz, he has taken additional accounting courses and has earned the credit hours necessary to sit for the CPA exam.  In his free time, he enjoys watching football (BIG Vikings fan) and spending time outdoors with his family and friends.

Melanie Williams

Melanie Williams, Client Services Manager

Melanie graduated from Black Hills State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources Management.  Prior to joining the Paystubz team, Melanie was employed with a multi-state health care provider for a little over 3 years working in the Human Resources department.  Melanie joined the Paystubz team in September 2011 and thought Paystubz was the perfect fit for her with the payroll and HR aspects of the software.  In her free time she enjoys golfing, volleyball, darts and mostly just spending time with friends and family.  Yes, Melanie is a BIG Broncos fan too!

Cori Weisbeck

Cori Weisbeck, System Specialist

Cori was raised in the Black Hills and pursued many industries in search of the perfect fit. Her interests have always been customer service focused but she was finally lured in by the challenges and puzzles accounting presented. When joining Paystubz in 2013, the tech geek in her instantly fell in love with the web-based software and the complex configuration. Cori is very passionate about the Paystubz system, sometimes to a scary point but always to a positive result. In her off time, when she isn't disc golfing or enjoying a movie with her family, she spends time in her garden or kitchen with two cats patiently waiting for scraps from either location.
Lois Rice

Lois Rice, System Specialist

Lois holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Accounting from the University of Hawaii, and an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science from Three Rivers Community College in CT.  Lois has earned enough college course credit hours to sit for the CPA Exam.  Prior to joining Paystubz, Lois spent 2.5 years processing payroll for a multi-state employer in the oil industry.  Lois is originally from Chicago, and is proud to call the Black Hills of South Dakota home.  She is an active member of a local hiking club, and also enjoys mountain biking. 

Alisha Schell

Alisha Schell, System Specialist

Alisha graduated from Liberty University of Lynchburg, VA with a Bachelor’s degree in History with an emphasis in World War II.  After graduation, she eagerly returned to the Black Hills having missed being in the mountains.  Before joining the Paystubz team, she was part of the support staff for over forty Realtors at RE/MAX of Rapid City.  Having an interest in business and an eye for detail, Alisha thought Paystubz would be a great fit.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, learning new things, walking her dog and spending time with friends and family.

Jacob Bohlmann

Jacob Bohlmann, System Specialist

In 2011, Jacob Bohlmann received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Black Hills State University with emphases in Management, Finance and Economics.  Prior to joining Team Paystubz, Jacob carried several accounting and managerial titles, including Controller and General Manager, while working with a local hospitality management company.  Outside of his strange affection for spreadsheets and solving puzzles, Jacob enjoys a wide array of outdoor activities including biking, cooking, hiking, fishing, swimming and sleeping under the stars.

David Hanna

David Hanna, Managing Member

David Hanna graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration/Major in Accounting and his Masters in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota.  He spent 10 years in public accounting as a CPA doing various income tax work and business valuations including related expert witness services in shareholder litigation.  He spent 3 years as CEO of a hotel management company with over 350 employees.  Mr. Hanna founded Paystubz in August of 2007.  He enjoys fly fishing and golfing.

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