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Paystubz received a 98.8% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

We recently polled our clients and asked them how they thought we were doing as a service provider and whether there were any particular areas where we could improve. Long story short, we were thrilled with the results - we received a 98.8% customer satisfaction rating. You can view the full results here. 

We look forward to improving on these results in the 2019 survey!

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My favorite feature of Paystubz is the support I receive. I call them up and a live person from South Dakota answers the phone. I get right to the person who does what needs to get done.

George Kenzy President and CEO of First Fidelity Bank in Burke, South Dakota

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As on “off-site” owner located miles away from my employees, I find the reliability, dependability, and accessibility to information available by Paystubz to be un-matched. I have used other “national” vendors in the past, however, I find the personal touch provided by the staff at Paystubz, gives it the small-town personal attention that every employer needs. This allows me to focus my time on more important areas of the business. I have 3 separate companies and Paystubz has taken my personal payroll time down from 1 to 2 days of headaches and trying to figure out payroll by myself, to less than 30 minutes of verification. All I do now is pull up the reports, verify the info and send it off to Paytubz and forget about it. I highly recommend Paystubz to any employer, large or small. The benefits far outweigh the minimal fee.

Dan Henderson Co-Owner & Operator of AmericInn Lodge & Suites in Ft. Pierre, South Dakota

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We are extremely happy with the service we receive from Paystubz. The sophisticated software allows us to track not only our payroll, but our time and attendance in a manner that helps me manage our business very efficiently and effectively. Paystubz expertise in these areas creates more time for us to focus on our business of helping people with their health care. Thanks Paystubz, this is a tremendous service and one we could not be without!

Dr. Nathan Unruh Founder of Envive Chiropractic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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I used to dread payroll knowing this was going to take my time and energy. I was hesitant to switch, but when I did, I realized that this was something that I wish I had done years ago. The time I spent on payroll was horribly cost inefficient. The time now freed has allowed me to either work more on what I am trained to do or spend more time with my family, both investments that far outweigh doing payroll. I rest assured of mistake-free payroll and the team at Paystubz is terrific to work with. I recommend their service to all business owners.

Dr. Joe Kieffer Owner of Kieffer Family Dental in Rapid City, South Dakota

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Paystubz system and service is so quick and easy I was able to finish payroll while on the swim beach at Angostura Reservoir!

Vanessa Roer Founder of Roer's Zoofari in Reston, Virginia

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I am extremely pleased with Paystubz and the help (particularly Ross) has given to me along with anyone else if he isn’t available. I feel it was a great move to go to Paystubz even though I was reluctant at first. I’ve definitely changed my mind!!!!

Glenda Hutton Accountant at Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson, & Ashmore, LLP in Rapid City, South Dakota



I was very hesitant to take the plunge. As a matter of fact, I was hesitant to even consider it. Who in their right mind would outsource payroll when you have an integrated $30K accounting software system? We did! And I’m glad we did. We saved approximately 20% in payroll processing costs. Most importantly, we have freed up valuable accounting time. We manage 20 entities that span 6 different industries. Needless to say, we found ourselves short on the time needed to be experts in everything. Outsourcing payroll has not only saved us money, but has made us a better accounting and information team, because we are free to focus on the big stuff. I don’t even give payroll a second thought anymore. Paystubz is reliable, knowledgeable, and has gone the extra mile in meeting our varied needs. The way I see it, we can’t afford NOT to outsource our payroll to Paystubz.

Amy Gusso V.P. of Accounting and MIS at Legacy Service Group in Rapid City, South Dakota

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