Payroll testimonials from clients in the Great Plains and beyond...

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"I used to dread payroll knowing the time I spent on it was horribly cost -inefficient. The time Paystubz has now freed allows me to work more on what I am trained to do or spend more time with my family, both investments that far outweigh doing payroll. I rest assured of mistake-free payroll and the team is terrific to work with"

- Dr. Joe Kieffer

Owner of Kieffer Family Dental in Rapid City, South Dakota

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"Paystubz takes the work out of payroll duties. Paychecks can be automatically sent to an employee's financial institution. Employees have access to their paystubs electronically. No worries about timely remittance of tax deposits, payroll tax reports or W-2's. It's all done for you! I highly recommend them!"

- Donna

Time Equipment Rental & Sales Inc. in Rapid City, South Dakota

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"I really like working with Paystubz. They have made doing my payroll functions so easy and are very responsive with any questions that I may have."


- Linda Holtz

Gold Pages Publishing Inc.


"The Paystubz software is easy to learn and can be customized to meet your specific needs. I've needed help on a few occasions and the staff has always been available and quick to answer my questions. I would recommend Paystubz to anyone wanting to streamline their payroll."

- Jeffrey Loftus
Owner of Loftus Dental

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"Paystubz is a good choice for me as a small business owner. I am easily able to manage a payroll of 25 team members in less than 30 minutes a month."

- Sherry Wahlstrom
Owner of Bavarian Inn, Black Hills

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"I find Paystubz to be very user friendly & it allows me to review and approve payroll from anywhere. I maintain a very hectic travel schedule & this system helps to ensure my employee needs are met in a timely manner."

- Marcy Dimond
CEO of Dakota Lions Sight & Health

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