The payroll calculator links below allow you to play 'what if' regarding all kinds of payroll data. Click the link for the calculator you'd like to use.(*NOTE: These links are to a site not related to Paystubz)

South Dakota Payroll Calculators

South Dakota Hourly Pay Calculator

South Dakota Salary Pay Calculator

South Dakota 401k Calculator

South Dakota Gross-Up Calculator

North Dakota Payroll Calculators

North Dakota Hourly Pay Calculator

North Dakota Salary Pay Calculator

North Dakota 401k Calculator

North Dakota Gross-Up Calculator

Montana Payroll Calculators

Montana Hourly Pay Calculator

Montana Salary Pay Calculator

Montana 401k Calculator

Montana Gross-Up Calculator

Federal Payroll Calculators

W4 Assistant

NOTE:The W4 Assistant will ask you various questions to help you complete a W4 Form. That web page/form are NOT part of our regular systems (nor are the other links above).  Should you use this method to help you complete a new W4 form, you must provide the completed form to your organization's payroll administrator. For further questions on how you should complete form W4, please consult your favorite income tax professional!

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