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New Product Annoucement: Introducing HireCredit (WOTC Software)

Hiring-based tax credits can save businesses a ton of money, but many don't bother because the administrative burden is too much to bare not only for Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), but Federal Empowerment Zone (FEZ) Tax Credits and Employee Retention Credits.

Are you leaving money on the table?  Fear not! Seamless integration with our other solutions makes it easier than ever before to Go Beyond the Pay Stub and get the benefits of hiring-based tax credits.

HireCredit Laptop

The best part? There's no cost until you collect tax credits! 

  • HireCredit Identifies MORE Credits by using mobile-friendly pre-qualification surveys during recruitment & on-boarding.
  • HireCredit Certifies MORE Credits through a proprietary case management software that ensures we never miss a deadline.
  • HireCredit Maximizes ALL Credits by alerting you pre-hire to which of your applicants is tax credit eligible and by identifying which employees could earn a tax credit.

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