How Our Payroll Application Can Help Your Business

You can use the Payroll application by itself, or pair it with the Timekeeping and/or HR applications - always with ONE login and ONE employee database!

Services included with the incredibly flexible Payroll application are:

  • Payroll Tax Compliance (payments and filings)
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Direct Deposit Processing
  • Printing/Packaging/Shipping of any hard copy documents needed. 
  • If needed, paper checks and stubs arrive signed, stuffed, sealed, ready to distribute.

If you'd like to see the Payroll Application features for yourself, check out this short payroll process training video!

Can I get my last 3 pay stubs please?  I lost my W2, can you get me another copy?

Never hear those questions again! Empower your employees! 

At Paystubz we believe it is always best to teach someone to fish versus giving them a fish. That is what makes it so much fun for us to help our clients empower their employees with employee self service. Provide your employees their own secure account so they can access their payroll information where and when they need it.  Employees can be allowed to login via mobile device and/or computer and:

  • Retrieve their own pay stub (NO paper!)
  • Retrieve their own W2 (NO paper!)
  • Request time off (NO paper!)*
  • Request a change to their timesheet (NO paper!)*
  • Update their own emergency contacts (NO paper!)
  • And so much more, call today for your free demo!

Let Paystubz help you get rid of paper and empower your employees all at the same time!

Tired of updating that spreadsheet to track your employees' time off balances?  With the Payroll module your rules for awarding and using time off can be customized to make that tired old spreadsheet a thing of the past!

  • Customized carryover rules.
  • Customized time off earning rates for groups and/or individuals.
  • Unlimited customized time off categories (e.g., PTO, Vacation, Sick, etc....).
  • Different rules for different people?  Yep, we can do that too!

No more remembering due dates or driving home wondering if your payroll tax payments were made - with Paystubz, your payroll tax compliance work is done by us with zero effort from you! 


We make your payroll tax payments for you and file the required returns/information with each reporting agency - federal and state.  We also perform your new hire reporting requirements. At the end of each quarter, we provide copies of all filings for your records. That's it!  DONE!

So, when it comes to payroll tax compliance work, you literally have nothing to do!  You can stand up and cheer now!

With the auto-email feature, you can get the right data to the right people at the right time! Plus, reports can be e-mailed in the format (e.g., PDF, Excel, CSV) you want along with password protection!

For a brief overview of our platform's reporting capabilities, check out this short Reporting Basics Training Video!

Have a pile of 'sticky notes' with special 'next payroll' instructions?  With Paystubz Payroll Module you never have to wonder if you lost a sticky note.  You can set up reminders to alert you double check a deduction, ask about a pay raise, or you can even put intelligent filters on the alert to tell you when a dollar amount threshhold has been reached.  Payroll alerts are a blast!  Really, we do get a kick out of them and think you will too!  

Every screen can be sorted, grouped, filtered with custom formulas and automatic adjusting date ranges (e.g., 'last month' settings) 

Every screen in the Paystubz Workforce Management system can be set up to be your standard view with options toggled to an alternative view of data that sorts, groups, and/or filters the data in a different manner.

You can create your own reports to reference quickly with a single click from your own customizable dashboard.  And, those reports can be exported to the format you need, anytime, anywhere (i.e., PDF, CSV, Excel, text).

Plus, reports can be set up to be auto-emailed to the right person on the right day with the data they need.

For a glimpse into how easy and customizable reporting can be, check out this short Reporting Basics Training Video!


At any time during your payroll process you can make changes to recurring earnings and deductions, plus preview a pay stub, a payroll register, or any other report to make sure things are right.  Often times this is done with a single click from most any screen. This feature alone saves a lot of time!

We will map the software so at the end of every payroll you get a perfect general ledger entry that can be imported immediately to your accounting software.  

Conditional mapping is alive and well in the system.  Do you have certain earning codes that require conditions to be met for specific account coding?  We can do that and more automatically so your accounting entry is easy and fast!

And, if you have labor distribution needs for overhead allocation, we can even assign rules to different people on how their labor costs are distributed in reports AND your GL!

We do not charge extra for the general ledger report like so many other providers.  We believe the general ledger entry is part of the payroll process and it should be easy for you.

We work with you and your provider to get your retirement plan data in the required format so after each payroll you can simply export, import, and be done!  PLUS, at year-end when you need retirement plan census information - call us at 605-721-2480, or schedule a demo, there's some really cool stuff we can do there!

Specializing in payroll services across the great plains including South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana, Paystubz helps companies go beyond the pay stub with timekeeping software and solutions across any device while maintaining a satisfaction rating of 98.8%.

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  • Get Up-To-The-Minute-Payroll-Information.
  • Deliver Timely, Accurate Payments.
  • Empower Employee Self-Service.
  • And more!
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See What Our Customers Say...

I used to dread payroll knowing this was going to take my time and energy. I was hesitant to switch, but when I did, I realized that this was something that I wish I had done years ago. The time I spent on payroll was horribly cost inefficient. The time now freed has allowed me to either work more on what I am trained to do or spend more time with my family, both investments that far outweigh doing payroll. I rest assured of mistake-free payroll and the team at Paystubz is terrific to work with. I recommend their service to all business owners.

Dr. Joe Kieffer, DDS

Owner of Kieffer Family Dental in Rapid City, South Dakota

Paystubz takes the work out of payroll duties. Paychecks can be automatically sent to an employee's financial institution. Employees have access to their paystubs electronically. No worries about timely remittance of tax deposits, payroll tax reports or W-2's. It's all done for you! The support team is awesome! They are very knowledgeable, friendly and available. Great bunch! I highly recommend them!

Donna Stevens

Controller at Time Equipment Rental & Sales Inc

The support that Paystubz has given us from "Day One" has been second to none! Their response time to our issues is outstanding. I would recommend Paystubz to any business that wants a local, reliable, payroll service!

Robert Slanina

Pennington County Housing and Redevelopment Commission

The Paystubz software is easy to learn and can be customized to meet your specific needs. I've needed help on a few occasions and the staff has always been available and quick to answer my questions. I would recommend Paystubz to anyone wanting to streamline their payroll.

Dr. Jeffrey Loftus, DDS

Owner of Loftus Dental in Rapid City & Sturgis, SD

Paystubz is a good choice for me as a small business owner. I am easily able to manage a payroll of 25 team members in less than 30 minutes a month.

Sherry Wahlstrom

Owner of Bavarian Inn, Black HIlls

Using the Paystubz payroll system took all the stress out of the payroll process.

Kale R. McNaboe

Longbranch Civil Engineering, Inc.

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