Single Log-in Payroll Management

Paystubz coordinates the entire function of payroll calculations, employee taxes, garnishments, workers compensation, retirement plans and compliance reporting on one web-based platform.

  • Log-in to access available employee data in one location.
  • Correct or adjust any pay statements "as you go."
  • Submit your payroll data to Paystubz each pay period. We will send a reminder!
  • Allow Paystubz to handle all your payroll calculations, tax withholdings, deductions, and employee reimbursements.
  • Offer FREE secure, online employee self-service for truly paperless payroll and/or receive signed, stuffed and sealed payroll checks/stubs shipped directly to you.
  • Enjoy the convenience of FREE direct deposit service that allows employees to use an unlimited number of bank accounts (e.g., 10% of net pay to savings, 10% to checking, 80% to another checking account).
  • Access highly customizable reports including payroll register, department summary, labor distribution and current YTD.
  • Utilize a general ledger report mapped to your specific accounting needs, available in any export format (CSV, Excel, text, HTML, etc).
  • Download tutorials, videos and "cheat sheets" or call your Paystubz payroll specialist if you ever need assistance.

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restaurant team can access all employee data from one location

Save Time and Money

office manager saves time and money using our web-based platform

Our web-based platform and customized solutions will save you labor costs, hard costs and plenty of headaches. Let us handle the job. It's why we exist.

  • Forget about paying for software, licensing, upgrades and maintenance fees. Paystubz is web-based—no software installation required.
  • Eliminate the need for internal tech support necessary with on-premise software systems.
  • Enjoy automatic updates, installations, upgrades and support at no additional charge.
  • Save on tax table fees and/or licensing fees for payroll modules.
  • Eliminate 'bottlenecks' for work related to quarterly and annual payroll tax compliance work – Paystubz does all that for you too!
  • Free up valuable time for employees and managers with self-service capabilities and streamlined workflow.
  • View and analyze nearly every aspect of your most valuable asset.....YOUR PEOPLE, with just one log-in.

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Hassle-Free Filings and Payments

No more remembering due dates, placing returns in the mail or filing online. Paystubz has you covered with a "hands-off" approach to payroll tax filing and payments. Time-consuming tax filing tasks are taken care of on time, guaranteed! We will:

  • Deposit, file and provide you a copy of all federal, state and local payroll tax requirements as needed.
  • Deposit funds from your account for FIT, FICA, FUTA, SIT and SUI taxes to appropriate agencies.
  • Stuff and seal W2's and send them for distribution to your employees. PLUS, employees can retrieve their own W2s via their own secure login as well (the SAME login for all their data, timesheets, payroll and HR data).
  • Upload W2 data with the Social Security Administration.

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Manage Time, Don't Waste It

Empowered employee customizing her dashboard

Customize the way your employees record their time and the way you view it.

  • Access past and current timekeeping records with one log-in.
  • Easily monitor hours for Affordable Care Act compliance.
  • Set your custom overtime, double-time, shift differentials, holiday pay, rounding rules and much more as you need for only the people that need those special rules.
  • Enjoy custom and color-coded exception reporting for early in/out punches and much more.
  • Analyze data (ALL your data is exportable to CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML and text formats).
  • Manage auto-email showing up-to-date punches, week-to-date hours and period-to-date hours by employee.
  • Approve or deny time-off requests submitted by managers
  • Step in place of a manager that’s absent to approve their employees’ time off requests.
  • View tutorials, videos, “cheat sheets” or access your live account representatives for help.

The Answer to your HR Needs

Take care of your most valuable asset—your employees--with one convenient resource. 

  • Empower your employees to access their own W2s, health plan information, retirement plan information, certifications, company forms, etc. through their secure log-in.
  • Make hiring easier with integrated applicant tracking. Initiate job postings automatically using pre-defined requirements and descriptions for the specific position or job.
  • Conduct background checks and skills assessments.
  • Store all important forms and information in one place without every worrying about lost data.
  • Receive email notifications about licensing renewals, vehicle management, etc.
  • Access online employee applications and track applicants, PLUS communicate with groups of applicants using customized email templates.
  • Send news, information and reports to select employees as customized by you.
  • Manage performance incidents, workers compensation, insurance claims and more.
  • Simplify performance reviews with custom reports based on customized workflow (e.g., employee self-review, manager reviews employee, then administrator approves).
Human Resources manager conducting background check

HR Resources at your Fingertips

HR administrator reviewing benefits and compensation plan

Access a library of easily-navigated HR resources, including:

  • Benefits and compensation information concerning benefit plans, cafeteria plans, compensation, paid leave, payroll administration, retirement, wages, hours and more.
  • Compliance information for COBRA, ERISA, FLSA, FMLA, HIPPA and OSHA.
  • Equal employment opportunity information for disabled workers, discrimination, harassment, etc.
  • Performance and productivity tasks including proper communications, job evaluations, employee morale, promotions, retention and training.
  • Recruiting and staffing agreements that include diversity, exits and terminations, hiring, temps and training.
  • Risk management and safety issues including drug abuse, ergonomics, OSHA, workers compensation, workplace violence, etc.
  • Dates, rates and deadlines.
  • A Google-like search engine for HR and Benefits News.

Customized to your Organization’s Needs

After an in-depth analysis and questionnaire, your unique information helps us launch your web-based payroll, timekeeping and/or HR application(s) that operate the way you do.

  • Access one convenient system for payroll, timekeeping and/or HR. ONE application, ONE login, ONE employee database!
  • Customize every aspect of your payroll, timekeeping and HR departments with one secure system and one log-in.
  • Limit access to information with simple “on and off” controls for each person in your organization.
  • Customize every report by adding/modifying columns, adding custom formulas, timeframes and filters.
  • Sort and group data, specify formats and save and share settings with other users.
  • Choose from unlimited export capabilities with formats in Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML or text.
  • Build reports with automated distribution features for sending via email to groups or individual users.
  • View tutorials, videos and “cheat sheets” or access your personal account rep.
Worker sorting and grouping data in timekeeping module

Safe and Secure


Sensitive information is as safe as it gets, thanks to our highly secure system. Everything is password protected and custom permissions/password requirements are available.

  • Entrust your information to a secure hosting environment designed to Department of Defense (DOD) Standards, which is SysTrust and SAS 70 Type II Compliant.
  • Store data on a secure external platform that never disrupts internal data storage capacities.
  • Limit access to information with simple "on and off" controls for each person in your organization.

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Getting paid is what defines work - so you better get it right. Learn how payroll is the most important job for your company to get right.

Download the featured article to learn the far-reaching impacts of payroll errors. The article will help you to; understand how payroll is about handling employee data, discover how the entire employee experience is based around payroll, and much more!

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-George Kenzy (President and CEO of First Fidelity Bank in Burke, SD)


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